The Boston Bombings Were Faked

NOTE: THIS ESSAY HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THE ESSAY ENTITLED "BOSTON COWBOY HERO" WHICH GIVES A MORE PRECISE TIMELINE. There are many people on the internet claiming that it is a double amputee from Afghanistan that is playing the part of Boston bombing victim Jeff Bauman, it looks like it could be the same person, but let's have a closer look to see if the photographic evidence is in favor of a hoax or not. NOTE: The evidence is NOT conclusive that Jeff Bauman and Nick Vogt are the same person, so this photo is used only as an indication of the method used for faking an amputee victim.
The following photos are in chronological order. This is the immediate aftermath of the (smoke) bombing, it shows the double amputee with his leg around the black womans head, and appears to show the hooded man assisting the double amputee in setting up:
This photo shows the hoodie guy looking a lot more relaxed after helping the double amputee set up, the double amputee is hidden by the black woman but you can see part of his shin behind the black womans head. Note the guy with the cowboy hat just standing around waiting for his starring role.
This next photo shows that the stands across the street, and the street itself, are virtually cleared at this time therefore it is some minutes after the blast. The cowboy hatted guy can be seen doing something with the fence, and the black woman can also be seen to still be there.
This photo shows that the black woman has been removed and yet the double amputee is still lying there unattended, in spite of uniformed people standing around him.
Here the double amputee is still lying around unattended, even while other around him are getting attention.
In this photo the double amputee can be seen in the background facing away from the camera, what is important to note here is the position of the girl in blue, and the position of the fence and scaffolding. It will demonstrated that in the next photo the fence and scaffolding have been removed.
Here we can see that the fence and scaffolding have been removed and the double amputee is seen in the background. There is still no one visibly attending to him, and although he has been lying there unattended and missing both legs while the street was cleared, and others around him removed, and the fencing and scaffolding removed, he is still managing the strength to sit upright???
Finally the cowboy hat guy gets his starring role, and finally the double amputee gets some attention, but after waiting for soooo long he still doesn't get a stretcher bed to lie on and elevate his injuries? Instead, against all norms and advice, they sit him upright in a wheelchair with nothing more than a loose bandage on one leg, and he is made to hold the leg up himself???
Apart from additional blood loss from sitting upright, here is another reason why a wheelchair is a stupid idea with the flesh getting caught in the wheels. So the main questions form this series of photos are how many minutes did it take to clear the streets, stands, fencing, and scaffolding? Why did the double amputee get no attention while others around him were treated and removed? How did he survive with a lack of medical attention for so long with two missing legs (not to mention the bungling of medical procedure when he did finally get moved)?
HOAX OR NOT? YOU DECIDE. Do you see shrapnel being blasted everywhere in this photo? Or just wispy white smoke?